About billiji

billiji is a meditation guide and mindfulness teacher. 

He has a Certificate of Competency in Teaching Mindfulness-Based Approaches which is recognised by the European Association for Mindfulness-based Approaches (EAMBA), British Association of Mindfulness-based Approaches (BAMBA) and the Flemish Mindfulness Association.

billiji worked for 25 years for various corporate communications departments within high profile global corporations. He became disillusioned in what we have been conditioned to believe will make us happy. 

He discovered that a path towards spirituality could bring unlimited love, joy and human connections.

billiji’s name comes from a nickname given from his surfing teacher (he learnt to surf at the ripe old age of 47). His real name is Bill and his surname begins with G. billiji also pays homage to rockstar meditation teacher davidji (no affiliation), who helped kick-start Bill’s spiritual journey via his recordings for Chopra University. davidji showed that mediation could actually be fun.

Learning to meditate is the first step in transforming your life.

billiji will be delighted to be your guide.

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